New chassis: The eagle racing ‘hybrid’ R31


It is to long ago since the last time I wrote in my blog! Wow it is more than a year ago. In my head I never stopped with RC but time has not allowed me to do something with rc. I didn’t even got time to enter most of the D1:10 competitions! The main reason for that was my study and my room lol.. Busy year with study and my room needed a complete makeover so everything rc went into boxes..

Until a few months ago! I decided to sell my trusty Tamiya TRF 415 MSX. I wanted something different that would have the motor more to the front.. So, after a lot of research R31 it was! And as you can guess from the topic title, it’s a mix and mash from all sorts of brands. The chassis started with the R2hobbies R31 as you saw perhaps in an older topic of me. I started building it then but I soon saw that it wasn’t worth it. So when I came across the eagle racing chassis I bought that quite fast. Only to be boxed away for a year or something… Whoops!

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Youtube videos

Here are some new youtube video’s for you: 🙂

You see far more people trying to drift with 2wd. with upcoming releases like the active hobby front motor conversion, I think that we will see more rwd cars this year.

Those guys really have some high speed at this carpet track!

Video’s are from:

If you like them, you can subscribe to them in youtube. 😉

New goodies arrived!

A while back I received my package from R2hobbies, which contained multiple items. The great thing this time was that I didn’t pay shipping costs, so it was even cheaper than cheap! Read more

D1-10 Final Round 6 Spijkenisse 13-11-11

Already more than 2 months back, but better late than never! 🙂 I just don’t have time for this guys, sorry! I am so busy with my internship that I don’t have any time left for rc. I’m becoming an architect haha! 🙂 Here is my little report from the final D1-10 round at Spijkenisse.

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TEH R31 work in progress #2

I finally received my solid axle’s and center one way. 🙂 So i can go further with the build of the differentials.

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Styrene workshop #1 – Tools

We use a lot of styrene to detail our lexan body’s. I thought it would be cool to make some tutorials and guides about how to work with styrene. But to work with you styrene requires good tools. So in this post i’m giving tips and info for the right tools.

I first started to work with styrene on a Nissan Skyline R34, but it was quite a failure. I didn’t knew how to bend the tubes for the rollcage, so I could throw a bunch of them in the bin. And if you are familiar with styrene, you know that styrene isn’t cheap.. There are a few places where I can buy styrene, but you can not find it everywhere so you might have to search on the internet for a good shop. I’ve read on many forums on how to work with styrene, but I never saw a forum which included everything about it. I have a lot of info from Mike Villena, on which I made a post about earlier. I think that his dedicated work should be shared with all of us. 🙂

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The canon is here!

I am happy! At last I finally received my new digital SLR camera! It’s the Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens.

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D1-10 Round 5 Eindhoven 25-09-11

This past sunday, I had been to the D1-10 in Eindhoven. It was already round 5 of the competition. The day started great, after a 45 minute trip we arrived at Eindhoven, were the ERCE track is located. I really like the track, you have a lot of room to work on your car, it has smooth asphalt and a cool layout which can be changed. It was the first time for me in Eindhoven, but certainly not the last! And it was obvious that Team holland and Team wreck it sideways were well represented..






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